Jan 18
Honesty goddess where you

You've been wise men worship
You get the scrolls to carry forward
You had with the Yangtze River wild
You were with the Yellow River flowing
You came from the Kunlun mountains, drunk with spring fragrance
You go out to sea for the world to enjoy sunshine

Your warm House with small Windows
The warning you fuelling the market's busiest
Your enthusiasm, awaken the world's conscience
You smile to enrich the imagination of future

You had been so sacred a person
You had heroes has built a stronghold
You inspire so many young from Yanan to anti-Japanese war
Your faithful promise pushed so that the number of cars from the Central Plains across the Yangtze River
Your dedicated ignited hopes of a nation
 China ushered in a new dawn

There was a time when people lost their way
You no longer take us to forgive
Take your arrogance seems to jump
Dreams into yizhenhuangliang
"The Snake from his nest" tear soaked dark desolation
The "cultural revolution," the stunning absurdity
 Lovely country is getting out

All naked tragic curse
Lies scams raging wild
Rampant corruption of morals
Sanctimonious whores
Style how bad bureaucracy is so dirty

Honesty goddess where you
When will come back to us
You may never angry awakening just on the cultivation of the soil
Maybe, in anticipation of fighting did not leave you high
Let us take watch watch Golden treasure
Let us sail to pursue lofty beliefs
When faith melted Frost
When the soul back to his hometown
You'll still be in human nature
Most beautiful and warmer sunshine

诚信女神  你在何方







你从昆仑走来  与春风同醉芬芳

你向大海走去  让天下共享阳光


你的温馨  拨亮了家家的小窗

你的告诫  催动了市场的繁忙

你的热情  唤醒了世人的良心

你的笑容  充实了未来的幻想


你曾那样神圣  令人人向往

你曾那样伟岸  筑起铁壁铜墙

你的感召  让多少青年从延安走向抗日战场

你的信诺  让多少小车从中原推过长江

你的肝胆相照  点燃了全国上下的希望



曾几何时  人们迷失了方向


取代你的  是无法无天的骄妄

土地美梦  化作一枕黄粱

引蛇出洞”  泪浸半世凄凉




丹心赤子  惨遭祸殃

假话欺诈  肆虐张狂

贪腐横行  道德沦丧

道貌岸然  男盗女娼

党风何其坏  官场何其脏


诚信女神  你在何方

什么时候  才能回到我们身旁

你或许不曾恼怒  只是在培育觉醒的土壤

你或许不曾离去  只是在期待奋争的昂扬

让我们平心守望  守望那金色的宝藏

让我们扬帆远航  追寻那崇高的信仰




最美  最暖  最灿烂的阳光

Mar 05
Dr. ZhiQiang Wang

王志强.gifDr. Wang studied massage skill from the Imperial Doctor Yi Wang. Dr. Wang has more than 30 years experience in massage and his unique massage skill is simple and easy.

Dr. Wang is good at treating long time exhausted shoulder and neck problem; headache; bone fracture, dislocation of joints and injured soft tissues -- dislocation of lumbar vertebra disc etc.


Mar 05
Dr. Jie Liu (Attending Physician)

刘杰.gifDr. Jie Liu was graduated from Beijing TCM University. He has practised for many years in the rehabilitation field.  He is the director of Structure and Athletics Rehabilitation Department, China Specialist Committee of Chinese Medical Rehabilitation.

Dr. Jie Liu has a deep understanding of the traditional chinese culture, and he also learnt from several famous doctors , so gained profound experience . By absorbed the advantages from traditional Chinese martial art expert, he developed a unique technique according to the theory of muscles along the twelve meridians which is called "Body Structure Adjustment System".
Body Structure Adjustment System is specialized in adjust the posture and body structure(muscle-joints-skeleton) .
By using various manipulation , sports consulting and training, physical treatment as well as herb medicine, An individual adjustment program will not only treat the various diseases such as stroke rehabilitation, headache, aphonia, cold limbs, painful menstruation, obesity, pain in neck, shoulder and waist , but also help to prevent disease and keep health.​

Mar 05
Dr. YouZong Lian

连佑宗.gifSpecialized in Qi-Gong and Chinese Massage

Dr. Lian has practiced Chinese martial art since a child. He studied Qi-Gong and Chinese massage from Mr. ShangAn Yang, a famous practitioner in south of China, when he was only 16 years old. After that, he studied TaiJiQuan from another famous practitioner, Mr. Ming Shi.

On the foundation of mastering the knowledge of anatomy and Chinese medicine as well as the clinical treatment of more than ten thousand cases in the past decades, Dr. Lian has summed up plentiful clinical experiences with a lot of teaching materials and papers of scientific research. He went abroad to give lectures for many times.

Dr. Lian make clinical diagnosis with his hands dynamicly and acurrately in the way of knowing the interior by feeling the exterior. The massage manipulations are conducted in combination with Qi-Gong so as to adjust the balance of Yin and Yang and to dredge the meridian system. He is specialized in treatment of disorders of tendons and bones as well as some internal diseases. Besides, suitable exercise methods are usually introduced to his patients for health care.

Mar 05
Dr. Lei Wang

王雷.gifDr. Wang, a traditional Chinese doctor, PhD in bone wound specialized; he is the professor of Tianjin Spinal column Medicine Soft Technical Institute.

Dr. Wang has been engaged in the spinal column disease treatment for many years. His original vertical dark adjustment keel technology curative effect is remarkable, receives the patient high praise.

Dr. Wang has conducted 13 issues of advanced courses successively. In 2006, he is awarded "the national keel to examine the entire keel outstanding expert" the title of honor. In 2009, he is evaluated "the first session nation keel to examine the entire keel massage outstanding managerial talent".

Mar 05
Dr. WeiWei Hao

郝威威.gifDr. Hao, Chinese Medicine Doctor, was graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He currently serves as program manager for Program of Famous Senior Doctor of TCM, SATCM and takes responsibility for administration of study on 210 famous doctors' clinical experiences and academic thoughts inheritance, including Dr. TieTao Deng, Dr. JiXue Ren, Dr. ZhongYing Zhou,  Dr. ShuDe Jiao, Dr. DeXin Yan and Dr. KeJi Chen etc. He has also learned with some of these famous doctors.
Based on his theory and clinical experience, Dr. Hao is good at treating emotion disorders such as insomnia, nervous, anxiety and depression, initial DM type2 (without insulin administration), acute and chronic pharyngitis, children's fever due to exogenous factors, dermatological diseases such as Shingles, eczema, erythema, chloasma, sub-health related with working and disorder due to alcohol addiction.
Focusing on both patients and doctor's psychological spirit, and combination of clinical symptoms, experiences and patients’ requirements, Dr. Hao will formulate therapeutic schemes and comprehensive life style regulation for each patient, to make patients and their family members satisfied.

Mar 05
Dr. XinYuan Wang

王心远.gifDr. Wang, a physician in-charge, was graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and engaged in clinical treatment and university teaching.

Dr. Wang loves the traditional Chinese cultures and learns Chinese medicine from old generations by the heart. He can effectively apply the theories of Chinese medicine to the clinical treatment with rich experiences, especially in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic urinary infection, various arthritis.

Dr. Wang has realized through his long-term medical practice that a strict abide to the traditional methods of Chinese medicine is the necessary way to achieve a satisfactory clinical effect. In this way, it is then possible to treat the disease from the root.

Mar 05
Prof. JinTian Li

李金田.gifProf. Li is the tutor of the master students in Chinese medicine. Prof. Li is the member of the Ophthalmology Committee of the China Association of Chinese Medicine. She graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She has been experienced in clinical practice, research in Chinese medicine and education for more than thirty-six years.

Prof. Li's specialties are:

  • Childhood short sight
  • Weak sight
  • Corneal disease
  • Eyeground yellow spot
  • Retinopathy
  • Optic nerve disease etc.

Prof. Li has clinical practice in childhood short sight and weak sight for many years. Her treatments are mainly Chinese herbs, Chinese massage and the ear points. There is a high successful rate in her treatment among different ages groups.

Mar 05
Prof. JingHua Fu

傅景华.gifProf. JingHua Fu, born in a family of doctors of Chinese medicine, was graduated from the Postgraduate Department of the China Academy of Chinese Medicine. He is a researcher at the Cui Yue-li Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medical. He once learned from these famous experts of Chinese medicine such as Mei-zhong Yue, Yao-zhong Fang, Jian-ting Geng, etc. He has been studying the basic theories of Chinese medicine and practicing clinical treatment for more than 40 years, with profound grasping of theories of Chinese medicine and rich experience of clinical treatment. He is especially good at treating such diseases as infectious diseases, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, diseases of the liver and gallbladder, diseases of the spleen and stomach, menstrual disorders, menopausal syndrome and so on.

Prof. J. Fu has written a few books about Chinese medicine, concerning with different schools of Chinese medicine, methodology and strategy of developing Chinese medicine. He is a well-known theorist in Chinese medicine at home and abroad. ​

Mar 05
Prof. LiPing Wang

王丽平.gifProf. Wang (王丽平) was graduated from the Capital Medical University. She is a member of the council in Chinese Association for Acupuncture-Moxibustion. She also is the deputy secretary general of Beijing Acupuncture and moxibustion Academic society.

Prof. Wang has 30 years clinical experience. She is good at the treating ophthalmopathy with the abdomen needle therapy, such as pseudomyopia, glaucoma, floaters, and diplopia.

Prof. Wang examines the diagnosis undiagnosed cases with the meridian and collateral theory, like facial paralysis sequela, and surface myospasm. She treats the nervous system disease with the different acupuncture, like trifacial neuralgia, migraine, cerebrovascular disease, and neurosis. She also treats cervical vertebra sickness, lumbar vertebra sickness, sciatica, knee osteoarthropathy, and chronic shallow table gastritis, the chronicity withers gastritis, and the abnormal menstruation, the painful menstruation, the menopause synthesis drafts.

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