Prof. SongYan Chai has practiced medicine for 50 years. 

In 1957, She graduated from Faculty of Medicine at Beijing University of Medical Sciences as a post-graduate.

Since then, Prof. SongYan Chai has been working as a medical doctor, a lecturer and a research fellow at Department of Gynaecology of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has also been holding the position as a member of the National Pharmacopoeia Committee. In 1997, she was recommended as an outstanding TCM doctor at national level.

Prof. Chai's specialties:

1. Female Infertility, amenorrhoea, menoxenia, diseases related to pregnancies and postpartum, tumor of the womb, inflammation of the genital organs.

2. Menopause syndrome, senior female diseases.

3. Precocity of children, acne at puberty, facial tawny spots.



Prof. TongYun Chen, a dermatological specialist of the national level, is now the vice-director of the Consultant Committee of the China Association of Chinese Medicine, the vice-director of the Surgeon Committee of the China Association of Chinese Medicine, and also the consultant of the Beijing Association of Chinese Medicine.
She learnt the dermatology of Chinese medicine from Dr. RuiChuan Ha, a famous physician of Chinese medicine, and has been engaged in the clinical treatment for more than 60 years with unique curative effects for various skin diseases and cosmesis.
Through her clinical experiences of moor than 50 years, Prof. Chen has chosen some effective herbs to create a series of herbal cosmetics for acne, chloasma to beautify and moisten the skin by means of the modern scientific techniques.
Prof. Chen is good at treating such skin diseases as acne, chloasma, pityriasis rosea, hormonal dermatitis, neurodermatitis, and herpes zoster.


Prof. BoShou Xue, also a chief physician, is the member of the Expert Committee of the China Academy of Chinese Medicine, the tutor of doctorate students and the consultant expert for the central leaders.
He was graduated from Shanghai College of Chinese Medicine. Then he followed Dr. FuZhou Pu, the famous expert of Chinese medicine for 13 years. He is the best disciple of Dr. Pu and has summed up the medical experiences of Dr. Pu. Of course, Prof. Xue himself has trained quite a few advanced doctors of Chinese medicine. He once went to abroad to give lectures for many times.
Prof. Xue masters the theories of Chinese medicine profoundly with advanced medical skills and high medical ethics. He is good at treatment of various febrile diseases and obstinate cases of the internal, gynecological and pediatric departments.